Technoform Bautec

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to solve your problems:


Profiles made of bio-based material

Challenge: Faced with spiralling crude oil prices, sustainable deployment of resources by using renewable raw materials is becoming more and more important. Green building certification (e.g. Leed, Breeam, DGNB...) is growing in popularity.

Solution: Technoform Bautec offers insulating profiles in bio-based material. Two different types of materials have been successfully released for the use as insulating profiles by the IFT Rosenheim and are now available.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to solve your problems:

Package Solution

Challenge: Wide systems with thermal breaks over 40 mm need greater stability and need to counter heat loss through convection in larger chambers.

Solution: The package solution is a geometrically chambered strip, similar to a web, which couples strips to increase stability and improve thermal insulation.

Anti Bi-Metal

Challenge: With dark coloured aluminium profiles there is a bigger risk that the difference in temperature between the outside and inside profiles causes expansion of the hot profile (or contraction of the cold profile), which in turn causes binding of locks and other locking mechanisms.

Solution: The anti bi-metal polyamide strip allows expansion of the warmer profile or contraction of the cooler profile without transferring that curvature from one profile to the other, there-by avoiding warping and binding of lock mechanisms.

Adhesive Films

Challenge: In some cases, coating of the polyamide profiles can be challenging.

Solution: In order to avoid a poor lock, we offer adhesive films which are applied to the polyamide profiles and can be removed after painting. Hence, the polyamide profiles remains completely black, thus improving the final look of the window.


Challenge: The French regulation NF P24-301 specifies that there must be an evacuation both for water filtering through the profiles as well as that derived from condensation.

Solution: Water draining profiles ensure the window manufacturer does not need to drill the horizontal profiles offering our customers the possibility to add value to the product they sell.